Thursday, September 1, 2011

Haha, Well, Oops...

So , this is pretty embarrassing.. apparently the rules to the award I just got ( you know, the one I was kinda, maybe a little freaking out about?), is that the blogs you pick have to have less than 200 followers... and the blogs I picked had... more. Which just proves that I am a rookie and thus I have no clue what I am doing and should probably just stop this whole business now before I humiiate myself further.

But I won't. Why? Because I LIKE doing this, and if I got to learn along that way ( and make a few mistakes while at it), then so be it!

Ooh, lightbulb!

Haha, so when I began writing this post, I didn't really plan to even get into my little stubborn rant, and now I have an idea ( about writing, no less)! Okay, so some of you may already be on to what I'm getting at here ( mind twins!), but I'll say it anyway: This whole thing applies to writing!

While we continue writing and working towards publication, we are bound to make mistakes ( and hopefully learn from them...). But don't worry about it. Mistakes don't make you a failure, so just keeping writing and enjoying life.

Dang, I write a lot of self-confidence/morale boosting posts.... haha, don't worry though, because I do know more about writing than just how not to give up :) And I'll prove it ( as soon as my homework will let me...)

Any-who, so have you guys made any embarrassing blogging/writing mistakes? What were they ( unless of course, they're just so terrible you can't bare to share it... don't worry, we understand) Comment below!

Or don't, seriously, its fine... no pressure


  1. I like the morale-boosting posts :) Sometimes, they're all a person needs to make the day brighter. And yes, making mistakes is all a part of life and learning. Life would be so boring otherwise =P

  2. How not to give up is probably the one thing about writing that everybody needs to read about at one time or another, so you're doing a public service really :-)

  3. Oh, man, just reading my first drafts are embarrassing. I was telling my husband that today and he tried to make me feel better by telling me they aren't as bad as I think, but I know they are. I'm glad that they are, though, because I recognize it as bad writing and that tells me that I'm actually learning and getting better.

  4. Thanks guys! Good to know I'm actually useful in this whole blogging world ;) And Lori, your so right! I laugh at mistakes ALL the time, and life would be seriously lacking with out them!

    Jeigh, I do the same thing (but with writing from the past, cus, well... i don't really have a first draft yet...) haha, but that's great that you can notice your improvement! keep it up! :D

  5. I once submitted a story that got rejected... and when I read it over again, I immediately saw why. There were glaring mistakes concerning tense, show vs. tell. and on and on. I was beyond mortified. But I learned. Just when I think something is ready for submission, I need to give it at least one (or two) more glance(s) just to make sure I caught everything. Also? Having crit partners helps for that, too, because we're often too close to the project to see some of the subtler problems.

  6. It sounds like something I would do. I never look at the number of blog followers, probably because Word Press doesn't let me put the google friends connect thing on my blog. I like your encouraging posts. We can all use some encouragement at times.

  7. Hello! I bumped into you from Jeigh's award too! Thanks for posting on my blog, and it's always nice to have bunches in common (mormon, Campaigner, writer, award winner, etc)! :D My latest blogging embarrassment is that when I started my blog it was under a yahoo email so then I found out during this Campaign that I couldn't comment on people's blogs! Silly me, so I had to switch to a gmail account and that still didn't work, so after posting for help a few peeps suggested I switch to a Chrome browser and here we are! Also, I didn't realize there were rules to the award, so thanks! Nice to meet you.

  8. Thanks for the comments! It's good to know I'm not the only one who screws up sometimes, and that people like my motivational little posts :)

    And hello Cortney! Thanks for stopping by :)