Saturday, October 1, 2011

Second Campaigner Challenge! Woot-woot!

Took me awhile, but I've finally some up with an entry to the second of Rachael Harrie's Campaigner Challenges! This one was definitely harder than the first, but I think I managed :)

I had to use the words lacuna, oscitate (which, according to Word and Blogspot, is not a word), synchronicity, and miasma, ( plus imago in the title).

And for even more fun, I had to reference a mirror, and keep it at exactly 200 words! AND, I wrote it in second person, a personal first. So, without further ado, here you go :)

Everlasting Imago

The room smells like cigar smoke. I hated the miasmas from your cigars while I was here. I miss them now.

Those months with you had been the happiest of my life, but they hadn’t meant much to you, had they? You were just waiting for the day when I was gone, and it would be yours.

That day apparently hadn’t come soon enough. Still now I wonder how I hadn’t seen it coming. Shouldn’t I have doubted the synchronicity of it all? From our random meetings, to how perfect you seemed to me? But I hadn’t. That was the point.

Your oscitation as you wake brings me back to the present.  I follow you to the bathroom, closing the gap between us, but you’re just as unreachable as ever.  I was prepared for your oblivion of my presence, yet still I long to reach for you, to call your name. But the dead cannot talk to the living.

As you brush your teeth only your reflection appears in the mirror, a testament of the lacuna between us. Now it is my turn to wait. To wait until the day you join me, and we can be together again. Forever.


Well, what do you think? Stop be here to vote, I'm number 181. Thanks :)