Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Man, I love these guys :)

So last night I was staying up late thinking about my resolutions for this New Year. And I've always wished I was a runner, and that I could just wake up and go run a couple miles and ENJOY IT. But alas, I can't even run a quarter of a mile without having to stop and walk.

So while I was thinking about what to change this year, I thought "I should try running every day or something." And immediately, I was like, "No! I suck at running and don't even really enjoy it.". And so I scratched "Running" off of my imaginary list.

And then it hit me. Yes, I'm not a runner (ha, not even close). But I WANT to be a runner, and heck, that's the whole point of these New Year Resolutions! ( Should "resolutions" even be capitalized? Sorry, getting off track). I'm not a runner, I want to be a runner, so dang it, I'M GONNA BE A RUNNER. I'll get me some real running shoes, start running with my ipod, and will also start going other places than just around my block. It's gonna happen.

So, while Im sure you all are getting deep enjoyment from hearing about my life,  there is a method to the madness (fact of the day: that line came from Shakespeare). This can relate back to writing ( Yay! More motivational stories about writing from Rachel!)

Okay, so maybe some of you out there are like me when it comes to writing. I can plan out all the stuff that's going to happen in my story, but when it comes to actually WRITING some pages, I freak. And panic. And go back to story boarding. Or maybe some of you are the opposite. Or maybe you just aren't really good when it comes to editing and revising.

Thing is, no one's going to be the perfect author, and not everything about the writing process (or blogging, or anything else in life) is going to come naturally. So do we give up and resign to eating cookie dough on the couch and watching TV marathons?  HECK NO!

Once we realize what our weaknesses are, we have the opportunity to either, 1: choose to accept them and work our lives around it, or 2: try even harder to make them our strengths.  And personally, I think the second one is a much better option.

So, questions! What are some of your New Years Resolutions? In the past, have you ever been able to keep your resolution the whole year? (Because if you have, dang, I respect you. If not...yeah, same here...)

Oh Yeah....My Blog.....





Ummm.....did I miss any? Cus I mean, there's been A LOT of holidays in the two months (exactly!) that it's taken me to finally get back on my blog. No, I did not FORGET it, I just....was busy. With school, vacation, and okay, yes there was some Facebook in there too.

But another reason I haven't been on is...well, I haven't really had anything to say. Well...anything good. ( I once considered posting the trailer to the Hunger Games (hey! I was excited, okay?), but figured that it wouldn't really go with the whole, "Writing Blog" thing).

Which is why I have decided to loosen up a little and post some other things other than just writing! ( Don't worry, it's not going to get TOO random.... ;).

So yeah....that's really all I got to say right now ( but at least its something!). But hopefully there's going to be a lot more posts coming on seeing as one of my New Year resolutions is to post at least every other week :)

Oh hey, questions! ( If anyone still actually pays attention to this disgrace of a blog...)
So, what was the longest time you have ever gone with out writing on your blog? For your own blog, do you post things other than just writing, or do you prefer to keep it strictly writing related? Answer below! :)