Wednesday, November 2, 2011

...THE END!!!

Oh, hey guys :)

That's right, I, Rachel Bean, have finally returned to my blog, after only a.... holycrapitsbeenawhole MONTH! .....Um, yeah, so I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't the smartest idea to start this whole blogging thing during high school...

Anyway, after a long, homework and stressed filled month, I have finally found time to write a post!!!! Hurray! And speaking of fantastic moments, stop by Jeigh's blog to enter her awesome giveaway! (And trust me, the prizes are AMAZING).

Now, back to writing.

Sadly, Google just didn't have the right picture, so we'll have to do without....(shame, Google, shame)

Okay, so recently I read a very good book. I will not tell you the name of the book, because I am about to giveaway the ending ( I know, I'm just so considerate, aren't I). Anyway, so in the book, basically the  main character (a girl) can see bits and pieces of the future. And around the middle of the book, she finds out that she had a younger brother who was kidnapped as a baby (around ten years ago), and whose corpse was found a couple weeks after the incident. So then shes all depressed about her lost brother, until, oh hey, the police come and tell them that he might actually be alive. So then they start searching for her lost brother, but then she suddenly sees a moment in the future where she and her boyfriend are searching for her brother, and her boyfriend gets shot and dies. So now she really wants to find her brother, but is worried that by doing so, she will also lead her beloved boyfriend to his death. So yeah, she's stressed.

But then one day the police come and tell them that they found the people who kidnapped her brother(and who run an illegal adoption center), and that they crooks are cooperating, and that they can probably find her brother. And then that night she goes into her mothers bedroom, where her mom's basically freaking out and says, "Don't worry.", because at that exact moment she had a vision of a future Christmas when her brother comes home. THE END.

(Oh, and then there's a short epilogue where she talks about how she is confident she can save her boyfriend and change the future (even though its only worked one out of two times....)).

Okay, so NOW, its the end.

....Well? Feels a little.... abrupt, huh? Honestly, I had NO CLUE it was the end of the book till I turned the page and read, "Epilogue". And when  I read that, I just sat there and stared at it for a couple seconds (no joke), not comprehending that the book was actually over.

Moral of the story?

 Don't do that to your readers. Throughout the whole novel, I was getting drawn into the MC's problems; feeling her pain, sorrow, happiness, etc. And then after I get sooooo absorbed into the ends. Just like that. Leaving me with nothing but a freakin' SENTENCE to resolve half a story's worth of mystery, and anxiety, and sadness, and I think your getting the point here.

If your going to get your reader emotionally invested in the conflict, then you need them to be emotionally invested in the resolution too. If they're going to get all beat up over the fact your MC has a lost baby brother, then you better make sure that they get all hyped up when you finally bring him home. Because if they're not, they'll feel like they were left hanging ( and NOT in the good(but terrible), cliff-hanger way). And if there's anything that can make or break a book, it's the ending.

Question time! So have you ever read a book were the ending just.....was a let down? Kinda left you hanging, or maybe even confused? Share below!