Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's the Point?

So now that you ( as in the wall) know that I am making this into a writing- slash- maybe-book-blog, Im going to back track a little. I had been considering doing this for a while, but never did, because of one excuse: No one even looks at my blog. But then one day i snapped out of it and realized something, actually, a couple things: ( dang, I must be really big on the whole list thing...)
1. Of course no one looks at this blog. Why should they? There's nothing to look at. Which leads to epiphany number dos:
2. ALL blogs start out with no followers. Obvious, I know, but for some reason it never really clicked for me. And this led to my third realization ( which i think is the most important one):
3. PEOPLE ONLY FOLLOW BLOGS IF THERE'S SOMETHING TO FOLLOW. I cant wait till i have followers until i start actually putting stuff on here. It doesn't work that way. I got to start out as if people do look at this blog, that way they will.

Now, this probably isn't really useful information to anyone out there, but it was a big moment for me, so i figured i would put it on my blog. And now my little introduction to my blog is over, so I think I'll start posting stuff that would give people a reason to look at my blog. But first, Im eating dinner.

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