Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Its Official: Im a Nerd

Okay, so remember how I said i was going to use this blog to follow other people's blogs? Yeah, well, turns out I'm an idiot. Why? Because I thought I could simply watch all the other writing blogs from the sidelines, with out making one of my own. Well, turns out that just wont work. For a couple reasons:
1. Blogging kinda sounds fun now...
2. Since I'm getting back into writing (only seriously this time), I've decided that making some writer friends might not be such a bad idea.
3. This helps me to feel more official and thus motivates me more to actually write.

So there, I've acknowledged and embraced my nerdiness, and am now ready to post stuff and pretend people look at this blog in the hopes that one day they will.

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