Thursday, July 21, 2011

Second day with a Writing Blog, and already I'm stumped

So I sitting on my bed wondering what the heck I could possibly write about today that might be somewhat relevant to someone out there. I had one idea, but it was very similar to an article by somebody else, and I figured whats the point of having my own blog when its just a repeat of others? ( I'm still not sure if this is more insecurities or common sense... I'll figure it out later). But then I happened to find (through basically a lot of random people stalking) this ingenious article! ( I also happened to notice that Madeline's my age and has over 200 followers - there is hope!) K, so now that I know how to get out of bloggers block... well, I have to do it. So I'll be back later with some insanely amazing writing advice that will totally make your day. Be prepared.


  1. YES! Madeline Bartos is one of my favorites! I was actually going to recommend her too, because she's one of those folks who will follow you back if you just leave a few comments on her posts.

  2. Oooooooh really... good to know ;)