Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Life is COMPLETE.

GAH!!!!!!!!!!! I think I might go die now ( unless I already have, and this is heaven...).

Ahem.... sorry, I'm just a little.... excited (freaking out). So let me explain:

Ally Carter, my FAVORITE author...ever, ( wrote the Gallagher Girl and Heist Society series), was touring in the west a couple weeks ago, and would be visiting Provo Utah. Problem was, I did't live in Utah. In fact, I live about four and a half hours away from Utah (... by plane). Luckily, it just so happened that my older brother was going to school in Utah, and he just so happened to live in PROVO Utah, and he just so happened to have a membership to the Provo City library.

So I sent him my copy of Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy (my favorite book ... which I mentioned in the last post) and instructions to go get it signed at her signing session on July 24th (... please). And then I waited.

And waited.

And then holy crap, I looked at the calender and it was July 25th!!!!!!!

Since my brother had told me to remind him about the meeting ( and I ... forgot....) I started panicking and thinking I had missed my opportunity to COMPLETE AWESOMENESS. So after preparing myself for the worst, I called my brother.

And found out that HE GOT THE BOOK SIGNED!!!!!!!

.... And that I had to wait two more weeks to get it from him.

So I waited.

And waited.

And then we flow out to Utah for a family reunion, and I met up with my brother.... and he forgot the book at his house. Which we didn't have time to visit. And so we went the next day... but were to busy playing with his new kittens to get the book. And then we were to busy to go back to his house the next day.

Finally, we went back to his house to get his suitcase, and were so busy smuggling one of the kittens into the car ( long story...), that we would have left with out the book, BUT, I happened to remember it and ran back to get it.

And THAT, is how my life was made complete, and I got a signature from Ally Carter ( with MY NAME!!!!!)

S0, the reason I'm telling you this? (other than the fact that my family wasn't nearly as excited as I am about this) DON'T GIVE UP.

I could have looked at the touring locations and thought that I lived too far away, that it was hopeless. Or when I found out that you had to buy tickets for the event ( a week ago), I could have decided that there was nothing I could do. But no, I wanted that signature, an dang nab it, I WAS GOING TO GET IT!

And that is how we need to be with our books. If someone says that they don't like something about our book, we don't drop it. If we realize that we got A LOT of work to do to make it better, than we DO IT. And if an agent turns us down, then we listen to their advice, make our story better, an try again ( but maybe with another guy).

And then, when all out work is done, our patience is tried, and that book appears on the shelf, we freak out. A lot. Kinda like I did when I finally held this book :)

So, has anything ever happened to you that made your day... or your life? Or was there something that you tried very hard to make happen, but then at the last minute, it didn't work out (or at least seemed like it wouldn't)? Or is there something completely random you'd like to say? Comment below!


  1. How exciting! I've met a few authors, but not my favorite yet. I think it's awesome that you're geeking out about it, even if your family doesn't get it. Here, I'll pretend like she's my favorite, too...


    Also, excellent analogy. If we want something bad enough, we'll make it happen.

  2. Haha, finally somebody appreciates this!!! ;D

  3. That is so stinking awesome! Does that say "have a good minion?" because that's what I first thought it said and now I can't see anything else.

    Something I thought wouldn't work out and then it did? Probably a family I taught for 7 1/2 months on my mission. I loved this family so much, and even when I was out of their area I made to ask missionaries how they were doing. After my mission I continued to call them, and they took the lessons for 2 years. There were some pretty hard times, actually. I got in over my head at one point and really, it did look like things would never turn out for them, and it hurt me so bad. I prayed all the time for them. The mom gave me a necklace on my mission that opened up like a little box. I wrote out a prayer and kept it tightly folded inside it and wore it all the time. I knew it was going to take a miracle to keep this family together, in addition to them accepting the gospel.

    They were sealed as a family last month.

  4. Wow, Christine great response to this blog-amazing story (Rachel, I am Christine's older sister, Heidi, and she led me to your blog which I just love!)

    I am super excited that you got your favorite author's signature. One of my best friends in the whole world was an aspiring young author and wrote many manuscripts in her short life. She died of cancer when she was only sixteen. But her dream was to meet her favorite author and have a few writing sessions together! Laura (my friend) absolutely got her wish! And her favorite author came to meet her and write with her. This author also dedicated a book to Laura after she passed away. I wanted to share it with you because I think it is a beautiful example of dreams coming true, and prayers answered. And Laura is the kind of girl who would be TOTALLY geeking out with you over this!

  5. Wow, thanks for the posts guys! That's great news Christine ( about the family)!! Haha, and the book says " Have a great mission." ( since her book is about spies and stuff)

    And Heidi, thanks for following my blog! That was a very inspiring ( and sad) story, and thanks for sharing it with me :)